The perfect dozen.

The grandest of the grand,

crowned by the magnum opus Grand Penthouse on the top 2 floors of the building. Here, the artful mastery of privacy and sanctuary in the heart of San Francisco is without equal.

Our exquisitely personalized White Glove Design Experience

is available to every penthouse buyer. It includes access to our private design center and our hand-picked team of world-renowned craftspeople who will work with you in person to seamlessly customize your living masterpiece.

“No matter where in the world I am working, I start by thinking about what’s important to that city, that place, these clients.”
Luxury Cabinetry Partner

Christopher Peacock

Penthouse Master Craftsman

Christopher Peacock is a London-born, New York-based designer whose work can be found in some of the most opulent estates in the world. Penthouse buyers will work directly with Christopher and his team to create their one-of-a-kind bespoke kitchen, baths and dressing rooms. His painstaking process includes impeccable installation followed by the hand-painting of each cabinet in place. Every brushstroke achieves a depth of color and subtlety of texture that cannot be achieved by any other means. Each is a true masterpiece.

The Christopher Peacock kitchen

Your consummate dream kitchen

Collaborate directly with Christopher Peacock and his team of designers to create a true original, a professional grade kitchen as artful as it is functional.

True bespoke luxury

The sweeping dressing room, designed in direct consultation with Christopher Peacock and his team, is the very definition of extravagance. No mere walk-in closet, this glorious space will become the staging area for your life.

Room to live your masterpiece

Simply breathtaking. In your light-filled aerie with panoramic views of the city and beyond, the floor-to-ceiling glass soars to double height.

Blur the line between inside and out.

Several penthouses feature sprawling terraces perfect for sunning and socializing. Imagine a vast rooftop retreat where you can feel both connected to the city and blissfully cloistered from the world below.