Perhaps the best art gallery in Yerba Buena Gardens is the neighborhood itself. A cultural destination with a stunning collection of architectural masterpieces. There are historic 19th century masonries. Ultramodern buildings and avant-garde sculptures. And in Jessie Square, something new. A luminous façade that wraps around Four Seasons Private Residences at 706 Mission. 

Designed by world-renowned artist Jan Hendrix, it’s comprised of two layers of intricate metalwork that appear to undulate in the wind. It’s stationary, but clearly depicts motion, taking on an energy and life of its own.  

What really makes it special, though, is how it interacts with the historic Aronson Building. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder, the ornate façade and classical building touch, fusing modern art with the city’s rich history. A bold statement on how innovation supports tradition and can work together to create something even more beautiful.  

It’s a thought-provoking installation that’s a natural fit for the Yerba Buena Gardens neighborhood. An area that proudly celebrates art and culture, history and modernization. A true living masterpiece.