It takes just one glance out your window to truly grasp how special the Yerba Buena Gardens neighborhood is. Contemporary shops and galleries effortlessly intermingle with art deco buildings and historic masonries, forming an eclectic area with an effervescent vibe. The true delight of your lofty perch, however, is an unobstructed view of the wonder that is St. Patrick’s Catholic Church.

The iconic century-old structure has a humble red brick façade, ornamental arched windows, and a soaring Neo-Gothic style tower. But perhaps what makes the church so striking is that it’s nestled against the side of the Contemporary Jewish Museum’s ultra-modern cube, fusing two architecture styles that are rarely seen together.

The sharp contrast puts St. Patrick’s Catholic Church into high relief, emphasizing its classical structure and traditional finishes. A time capsule of Neo-Gothic architecture that’s been perfectly preserved in the heart of one of the city’s most progressive neighborhoods. Something that could only happen in a place like Yerba Buena Gardens.