It’s the little things in life. A quiet walk around the neighborhood. The sun slowly rising up over the city. The cascading sound of the waterfall in the otherwise still gardens. Simple pleasures you’ve come to enjoy on your early morning jaunts to Blue Bottle, the newest addition in the Yerba Buena Gardens area.

Pushing open the café’s glass door, you’re immediately greeted by the caramelized scent of freshly roasted beans. A tantalizing aroma that causes you to pause for a moment to take in a deep breath.

You savor the intoxicating fragrance as you wait your turn in line, appreciating how spacious the coffee shop feels. It’s decidedly modern with soaring ceilings, bright white walls and minimalist decor. Although you can’t dine-in at the moment, you imagine how pleasant it would be to enjoy a cup of coffee and a pastry at the long banquette carved into the wall.

Soon, it’s your turn to order. You approach the natural wood countertop and ask the barista for a large pour over coffee. Blue Bottle’s signature handmade drink. You eagerly watch as the barista lines a coffee dripper with a filter, fills it with coarse grounds, and sets it on top of a glass carafe.

Using a kettle, she pours spirals of hot water over the coffee grounds, starting at the edge and working her way in. Slowly, the glass carafe fills with coffee, steam percolating out of the side. The entire process takes about two minutes and, when it’s finally ready, the barista transfers your drink into a to-go tumbler.

Thanking her, you wander back out into the neighborhood and find an open seat in Jessie Square to watch the rest of the sunrise. You blow on your coffee to cool it off before taking the first drink. It’s bold in flavor, yet impossibly delicate in texture. Almost the consistency of tea, which makes for easy sipping.

Closing your eyes, holding the warm tumbler between your hands, you soak in the simplicity of this moment. It’s the perfect start to your busy day. Even though the café is relatively new to the neighborhood, it’s already become an important part of your morning routine. Perhaps the most important part. You can’t wait to go back again tomorrow.