Take a peek out your window. Do you see the massive, metallic cube casting a shadow over Yerba Buena Lane? It rapidly changes color in the sunlight, glowing bright blue for a moment before shifting to leathery darkness the next. Perhaps most striking is that the prism-like structure appears to have tipped over to lean against the neighboring building.   

It’s a perplexing sight that entices you to get closer. By standing on the lane, the ambiguous visual suddenly becomes clear. What had appeared to be two structures is actually one. Together, the ultramodern cube and historic brick masonry form the Contemporary Jewish Museum, a space devoted to the Jewish perspective on history and art. 

Museum volunteers will advise you to enter with an open mind. This is not a place for preconceived notions. Rather, it’s a celebrated institution that sets out to challenge your perspective on old concepts – and it already has with unusual architecture that begs the question: why? Consider the unique façade as the museum’s opening exhibition. 

The juxtaposing architecture is a metaphor for how the past continuously supports our present ideologies. Suddenly, the symbolism is so obvious, you can’t believe you didn’t see it before. And this is just the beginning. A tour of the Contemporary Jewish Museum is an engaging experience that will inspire you to add new layers of perspective onto your existing philosophies. It’s a museum like no other, just like the Yerba Buena Gardens neighborhood itself.