Meet Esty Lawrie-Landy, Director of Residences at Four Seasons located at 765 Market Street. As the primary point of contact for discerning private homeowners, she is responsible for resident engagement, communication, and managing the Homeowner’s Association.

Esty and her staff are renowned for providing anticipatory services. She sat down with Living YBG to discuss how her team consistently exceeds expectations, and how the culture of Four Seasons positively impacts the resident experience.   

YBG: How did you get started in the luxury service industry?

My career began in private banking and the wealth management sector, providing financial planning, estate planning, and private banking services to affluent individuals. This skill set allowed for a perfect transition into the Director of Residences role with Four Seasons. 

YBG: What does your role as Director of Residences involve?

Essentially, I serve as a Chief Operating Officer for the residential side of the property. I am responsible for maintaining and managing the asset. My role includes financial planning, budget preparation, reserve studies, and long-term capital planning. I manage our Homeowner’s Association, and am responsible for providing customized and personalized services to our residents. I also serve as a liaison between hotel and residential operations, representing the homeowner’s interests. 

YBG: Four Seasons sets the industry standard for exceptional service. How does your team continuously uphold these standards? 

It is simple. It is all about our culture and people. All of our employees are passionate about what they do. They care, are compassionate and genuine – we empower them to make a difference. If there is an issue, my staff does not need me to resolve it.  We trust them to make those decisions, our goal is to never tell a resident or guest “no.” We find a way to make it happen, and that is from the top down. 

YBG: Can you share an example of when your team provided exceptional service?

This question comes up a lot, and, honestly, it is hard to answer. When our team provides a service, a resident considers above-and-beyond or exceptional, the staff truly believes they are just doing their jobs. 

For instance, a resident was traveling to Europe and made it all the way to the airport before she realized she left her passport at home. She called the concierge and trusted someone from our team to enter her home and find it. We then passed her passport off to a reliable driver who made it to the airport in time for her to catch her flight. 

Our team does not consider this extraordinary, unusual or great. It is just a part of who we are and what the brand and culture represents.  We figure out a way to make things happen. 

YBG: Can you describe the resident-employee relationship?  

Our residents view the staff as more than employees. They are family. The staff gets to know the resident’s guests, their friends, their kids, and their grandchildren. They greet residents enthusiastically when they come home and truly care about their well-being. The residents’ pets are also part of the family and treated as such. It is a tight community, and that is why people choose to live here.  

We encourage the staff to be themselves to create natural and genuine connections with our residents. When you walk around here, you can sense that people care, from the housekeepers to the bellmen to the banquets team. Our employees are happy and stay for a long time. They love working here!

YBG: How do you think Four Seasons service will evolve in the future?

I cannot predict anything specific, but our standards are in the industry’s forefront. We are constantly evolving and developing because we want to be the first choice for discerning private homeowners around the world.