Kerrin Laz and Antonio Galloni Host an Exclusive Live Chat

During an exclusive live chat with Antonio Galloni, founder of Vinous and owner of Delectable, Kerrin Laz uncorked the magic that is Delectable – the mobile app that every wine connoisseur should know about. 

Antonio compared the app to Instagram, showing our guests how to use the interactive social features. You can follow your favorite wine reviewers, “like” their posts, and engage in conversation in the comments section. During the live chat, Kerrin found Antonio on the app and followed him. 

“Keeping track of your wine experiences is a great way to understand your palate,” Antonio said. “You can go back and see which wines you liked the best to truly discover your tastes.” 

He said that understanding your palate can be helpful when you’re tasting new wines. You can tell the winemaker or sommelier which flavors and notes you prefer to find a bottle that you will love.   

Another way to explore wine is by getting out on the ground level. Antonio shared the Vinous maps he created of Napa Valley, which show the property boundaries of each vineyard. His maps include the history of each vineyard and notes which wines emerge from each site. 

Kerrin said that many of her clients purchase these maps to frame and hang in wine cellars. There are a few special collector editions, signed by Antonio Galloni himself, available on the Vinous website. 

Together, the Delectable app and Vinous maps work hand-in-hand to deepen your love of wine. It was a rare treat to hear from two of the top wine insiders and see how they use these tools to enhance the wine experience. Be sure to find Kerrin and Antonio on Delectable!