What is it about Mathilde French Bistro that keeps you coming back for more? Perhaps it’s their classic take on French onion soup. A wine list that makes you feel like you’ve been transported to Bordeaux. The Parisian-style hospitality. Or, quite possibly, the irresistible charm of dining ‘en plein air’ on Mathilde’s back patio.

Surrounded by a garden of lush greenery, the covered terrace is bathed in a golden light from candles flickering in the recessed walls. A breathtaking scene that looks like it belongs in a fairytale. Cozy and intimate, it’s the kind of place you would bring a special date or celebrate a significant occasion.

Servers flit between the tables, presenting bottles of wine and bringing out steaming platters of fresh food – duck confit, coq au vin, filet mignon, and pommes frites. A truly authentic reiteration of French cuisine, without any of the fusion.

Mathilde French Bistro owner, Lina Yew.

Every once in a while, a dessert will pass through the doorway, causing guests to stop and stare. Apple tartes drizzled in caramel sauce and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Decadent fruit and cheese boards. And – a dessert that comes highly recommended by owner Lina Yew herself – a towering bowl of mousse au chocolat.

Perhaps what really keeps you coming back is that Mathilde French Bistro provides a quiet reprieve from the city. A cozy place where you can unwind, relax and indulge on sumptuous food. A true hidden gem located on the edge of the Yerba Buena Gardens neighborhood.