It’s a beautiful and sunny afternoon. The perfect weather to leisurely stroll around the neighborhood and explore the new artwork in the area. There is always something exciting to discover in Yerba Buena Gardens.

As you walk past Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, you notice plywood boards covering the building. But instead of closing off the gallery, the boards themselves have become the gallery.

A bold statement on how artists can engage with the public beyond the physically shuttered institutions. This particular mural is decidedly urban – painted neon yellow, silver and black – and resembles a larger-than-life to-do list with items like “rest and reflect” and “check on your elders.” You find your favorite statement near the end of the list. “Make a plan. Plan a backup.”

It isn’t new, but as you wander across the gardens, you pause for a moment in front of the Martin Luther King Jr. monument. Last month, the Yerba Buena Gardens Conservancy restored and polished the 28-year-old tribute, making it shine as bright as new. And the longer you linger, the more things you start to notice. New planter boxes filled with flowers and lush greenery. Recently power washed walkways. The whole area feels fresh and revitalized.

Across the gardens, on the other side of the monument, bubbly drawings and paintings hang in the windows of the Children’s Creativity Museum. Kids from across the Bay Area sent in artwork they made at home, livening up the sidewalk and giving the area a playful feel. You can’t help but to smile as you lean in closer to examine the spirited masterpieces. Perhaps what you love the most about Yerba Buena Gardens is its ever-changing landscape. A true living masterpiece of a neighborhood that always leaves you feeling inspired, energized and ready for your next adventure. Why would you want to live anywhere else?