It’s called the most wonderful time of the year for a reason. The tantalizing scent of holly drifting across the gardens, eaves trimmed in multicolored lights, and candles flickering behind each window. The holiday spirit is tangible, spreading from place to place, and person to person.   

Your favorite part of the season is how it inspires people to reconnect with family and old friends, whether that’s through holiday cards, gift giving, or generously welcoming guests into their homes to share a delicious meal.

This year, Living YBG is joining in the warm welcome. We’re sharing holiday recipes from renowned chefs in the Yerba Buena Gardens neighborhood. Learn how to flawlessly stage an appetizer tray, cook the perfect entrée, bake a savory side dish, and create a healthy dessert that won’t send the kids into a sugar coma.     

Follow along this month as we share the best holiday cooking advice and put together a festive feast that is nothing short of wonderful.