Spectacles of Union Square: it’s not a shop, it’s an event. An optical destination for jet setters and collectors, customers trek across the globe, from Singapore and Milan, to find that perfect pair. From fashion frames and vintage sunglasses to modern designers and rimless mountings, Dr. Kevin Hershey has mastered the art of them all. As Spectacles’ third-generation proprietor and optician, he uses traditional techniques passed down by his father and grandfather. Rimless glasses are his specialty.

Held together by small screws, rimless glasses are precariously fragile. Without frames to absorb the stresses of putting on, wearing, and removing them, they are easily damaged. And with just four points of connection, they can be difficult to adjust. Fortunately, Dr. Hershey is an expert at those finer touches, minute tweaks, and slight adjustments that are better done by hand. When they are perfectly adjusted, the glasses are light as a feather, barely visible against the face. Just a faint outline that allow your features to shine. Freeing, almost like wearing nothing at all.

More often than not at Spectacles, it’s the glasses that pick you. Tortoiseshell sunglasses with gradient lenses. Frames wrapped in leather, encrusted in crystals, studded with brass. But when you come across the perfect pair, the energy in the room shifts. You know that these are the ones worth traveling the world for. And if you’re lucky enough to live in Yerba Buena Gardens, they’re the ones worth strolling down the block for.