Do you feel that in the air? That inexplicable warmth and energy that settles over the valley like fog each autumn. Perhaps it’s from the buzz of vineyard workers racing to pick grapes at peak ripeness. Or from the sweet scent of the crush when thousands of grapes are pressed and prepped for fermentation. It’s as if Napa Valley’s harvest has its own current, sweeping through the Bay Area. 

It extends far beyond the vineyards, drifting over the valley before settling into the Yerba Buena Gardens neighborhood. Here, the vigor from the harvest can be found at Press Club, a wine tasting cellar settled at the foot of the Four Seasons Hotel. 

Sophisticated and ultra-plush, descending the stairs into the wine mecca feels like being inducted into a secret society. The décor is best described as urban wine country with an eclectic mix of leather couches, concrete columns, stainless-steel fixtures, and a cork statement wall. 

Liveliness exudes from every section of the lounge. It radiates from the couple huddled on a couch clinking glasses over a cheese plate, and also from the boisterous group of professionals hovering near the tapas bar. Everywhere you look people are spiritedly chatting, yet somehow it doesn’t feel noisy. The building’s acoustics blissfully dampen the sound, making it easy to carry on a quiet conversation. 

Behind a few wine tasting stations, servers are pouring glasses of wine out of magnums. This might have turned heads a decade ago, but as Press Club helped pioneered Coravin technology, this practice no longer causes a stir. 

“We were one of the first wine lounges in the world to use the Coravin prototype back in 2011,” says Mauro Cirilli, Press Club Wine & Beverage Director. “We use it mostly for magnums of domestic wine, but occasionally we will use it when we have a unique wine.”  

With 500 labels available at Press Club, there is no shortage of unique offerings. Each corked bottle and every poured glass is a valiant celebration of the harvest, a joyous time when Napa Valley bustles with fevered excitement. During this time, there is no other place you’ll want to be other than Press Club.